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Chevy Cobalt 2005 2006 CD MP3 player radio US8 Black Trim TESTED 1861BMP3f

Chevy Cobalt 2005 2006 CD MP3 player radio US8 Black Trim TESTED 1861BMP3f

Manufacturer: Chevrolet
SKU: 638-1861BMP3f
Condition: FAIR
Notes: Hollander out 15851728, 28044486, WBR7, 15272192, 15272191, 15851731, WBS1
Price: $34.99
This item is out of stock
Front View, SKU 638-1861BMP3

Things to consider before buying this type of player:

  • INTERCHANGEABILITY - You must buy radio specifically made for your model and year. Many GM made radios are not interchangeable, even they look alike from outside. Example: GMC Lumina, Monte Carlo, Envoy, GMC Van..., Pontiac Grand Am, Grand Prix, Montana... Buick LeSabre, Rendezvous... and many others might look the same as your radio, but inside electrics might be different and not interchangeable. If your model and year is not mentioned in description - DO NOT BUY. Please contact us with your model and year.
  • THEFT LOCK FEATURE - This radio has Automatic Theft Lock. Almost all GM made radios, including this one, must be reprogrammed and activated at Dealership to interchange with your car. Please see Activation Procedure below.

Radio is Fully Tested - all Functions, Lights and Mechanics in perfect working order.
Simply activate at dealer, install and Enjoy!

Factory Installed On:

  • Cobalt 2005-2006
  • Pursuit 2005-2006

Player Options:

  • AM/FM MP3-CD player
  • Black Trim faceplate
  • Programmable Equalizer
  • GM option code "US8", GM MSRP $541
  • Part Numbers and Identifications according to Trim color:
    Black 15851728, 15272191, 28044486, WBR7
    Natural 15238173
    Gray 15238174, 15851731, 15272192, 28022656, WAY5, WBS1
    Other 22706357, 22737127, WAY2
  • SKU 638-1861BMP3f

Activation Procedure:

This radio has Automatic Theft Lock and must be activated at GM/Pontiac/Buick dealership.

  1. Before you do anything else - once again verify if you purchasing the correct radio. If model and production date of your vehicle is not mentioned in description - you considering the wrong radio. It might look just like your old radio, but electronics inside are different and dealer will not be able to reprogram/activate it. Radio must be specifically made for your model and year (production date).
  2. Call your nearest or preferred GM/Pontiac/Buick/Chevy/Olds dealer for their requirements and service fees.
  3. If able and planning to install player yourself - negotiate lower fees. Dealer often estimates fees for full installation, argue that you need just activation and will install radio yourself.
  4. You may remove your old radio and learn how to install new one, but when you get radio from us Do Not connect it until it's reprogrammed with VIN number of your vehicle by dealer.
  5. Take the radio to dealer.
  6. Let dealer reprogram and activate your new radio.
  7. Install the radio and enjoy!
Note: we carefully test all radios, however, if any problem arise during activation / installation / shipping contact us immediately.

Item's Condition:

  • Item's condition is FAIR. Please see APPEARANCE CHART below.

Player is Bench Tested at our shop and found to be in excellent working order.
As usual, your purchase is covered with our 90 days warranty. If you discover that player is not working properly or arrived damaged - let us know ASAP and we'll gladly replace it, fix it or refund your money.





Like new condition. However, on close inspection it will be obvious that item is used and not brand new.

Obviously used with some typical signs of wear and hardly noticeable small scratches-but not abused. Absolutely no dents, cracks or any sort of damages allowed.

Used extensively, obvious cosmetic flaws and signs of wear. Item might have some scratches, faded paint, scuffs, dust, acid or oily deposits. However, there will be no chipped corners, cracks, dents or any other damages. Low price reflects only face appearance. All out radios are fully tested and ready.

KIGMA Radio Shop address

We derive information from Hollander database used by eBay and many Salvage Yards around USA and from our own experience. However, please recognize that we are resellers and not professional radio installers, therefore don't know much about installation options, interchangeability, adaptions to older or different models, etc. We strongly encourage you to get familiar with item's description, do research on Internet and also seek professional advice from your local radio shop or dealer. We refuse to be liable in case you make mistake and buy wrong item (not interchangeable with your car), or buy item to rebuild / adapt / make enhancements to your existing sound system which is not mentioned in the listing. Contact us if you have any questions.
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