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Lincoln Town Car '95-97 Cassette player radio JBL DSP g

Lincoln Town Car '95-97 Cassette player radio JBL DSP g

Manufacturer: Lincoln
SKU: 638-987g
Location: 53-2
Condition: GOOD
Price: $39.99
This item is out of stock
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ATTENTION: this player is UNTESTED.
We visually inspected the item for any possible water, electrical and physical damages, however at this time we are not capable of fully testing this radio, therefore cannot guaranty working condition of entire player of separate parts of the player

Factory Installed On:

  • Lincoln Town Car 1995-1997  (JBL, CD controls)

Player Options:

  • AM-FM-stereo Cassette player Head unit - work in conjunction with external amplifier only (located in trunk)
  • Has CD changer controls
  • JBL sound system - not compatible with base, Premium or Alpine systems due to plugs and amplifiers differences
  • FD MSRP $412
  • Part Numbers and Identifications: F7VF-18C852-AA, F6VF-18C852-AA
  • SKU 638-987g
Attention: There are 4 other non-compatible models exist. You must remove your old radio to match rear plugs and part numbers. If old radio is not present, then it's your responsibility to consult Ford dealership about compatibility.
Use standard Ford/Mazda/SAAB removal tools available in any auto store to easily remove (slide out) this player.
This player has two major differences compare to other Ford models;
1) It works only in conjunction with vehicle's amplifiers, therefore, it cannot be bench tested.
2) Face plate - rounded, "wave" like style. Will not fit newer flat-faced, rectangular models.

Item's Condition:
Item's condition is GOOD. Please see APPEARANCE CHART below.

Player is UNTESTED, however, as usual, your purchase is covered with our 90 days warranty. If you discover that player is not working properly - let us know and we'll gladly replace it, fix it or refund your money.





Like new condition. However, on close inspection it will be obvious that item is used and not brand new.

Obviously used with some typical signs of wear and hardly noticeable small scratches-but not abused. Absolutely no dents, cracks or any sort of damages allowed.

Used extensively, obvious cosmetic flaws and signs of wear. Item might have some scratches, faded paint, scuffs, dust, acid or oily deposits. However, there will be no chipped corners, cracks, dents or any other damages. Low price reflects only face appearance. All out radios are fully tested and ready.

We derive the information from National Auto Salvage Yards database, Dealerships and our own experience. However, please recognize that we are not professional radio installers and cannot possibly know everything about installation options. We strongly encourage you to get familiar with interchange info and also seek the professional advice from your local radio shop or dealer to make sure you are buying the right radio for your vehicle. We refuse to be liable in case you make mistake and buy wrong item (not interchangeable with your car), or buy item to rebuild / make enhancements to your existing vehicle that is not mentioned in this listing. Please contact us if you have any questions:

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